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The Baycol recall of August 2001 affected the over 6 million people worldwide that were taking the cholesterol-lowering drug. Bayer, Baycol’s manufacturer was criticized for allowing patients to continue using the cholesterol drug for such an extended amount of time despite the increased risk of fatality due to the condition rhabdomyolysis, a breakdown of muscle tissue causing renal failure and liver damage. The company has claimed the Baycol recall was issued because doctors were not using the drug as directed by Baycol labeling.

Although Baycol belonged to the most widely prescribed drug class called statins, which was linked to instances of rhabdomyolysis, Baycol was considered a significantly greater risk of death occurring because of rhabdomyolysis. Bayer has since been left defending itself since the 2001 Baycol recall but once again can be found making Baycol lawsuit news. At the time of the Baycol recall, Baycol was linked to over 50 Baycol deaths worldwide, however since then the number has risen to over 100 Baycol deaths, in addition to 1,600 injuries worldwide. For more information on the Baycol lawsuit news, please contact us to confer with a Baycol lawyer.

Internal Bayer Baycol Documents Revealed at First Baycol Lawsuit Trial
In the first of the 7,800 Baycol lawsuits waiting to go to trial, the highly publicized and scrutinized Baycol trial taking place in Texas has exposed evidence of internal company documents showing top Bayer executives became increasingly more alarmed at the occurrence of the deadly Baycol side effect rhabdomyolysis that was found to occur at a rate much higher than with other statin drugs. If you have taken Baycol and are suffering or have suffered Baycol side effects including rhabdomyolysis, please contact us to confer with a Baycol lawyer.

“We need to do everything possible to maximize sales results since Baycol must carry the company for the short and long haul.”
-May 1998 email from Bayer executive“The steadily increasing numbers of spontaneous reports of rhabdomyolysis associated with Baycol...has overwhelmed the available safety resources.”
-December 1999 report“Some are scared to uncover such data (bad data) because of launch of 0.8 mg. If FDA asks for bad news, we have to give, but if we don’t have it, then we can’t give it to them.”
-January 2000 meeting agenda, unidentified Bayer executive wrote“I am concerned that there is widespread knowledge in the field with both Bayer and SB representatives that there have been some death related to Baycol.”
-February 2000 email from Bayer executive“There has been a substantial increase in calls from our sales representatives and opinion leaders requesting that scientific affairs liaisons talk to physicians who had cases of rhabdomyolysis.”
-June 2000, Bayer executive“There will be much more tremendous trouble in the future.”
-Bayer marketing partner in Japan urging the company halt clinical trials of higher doses of Baycol viewed to help increase sales, in July 2000, Bayer received approval to sell a higher dose of Baycol“So much for keeping this quiet.”
-February 2000, email from Patricia Stenger, manager in Bayer’s scientific affairs unit to other executives. Allegedly top Bayer executives told sales staff to “redouble our efforts, we’re going to make this a billion-dollar drug.”
-March 2000

Stenger wrote a June 2000 email with an attached document saying that doctors reporting Baycol side effects were hearing of similar cases with other patients and stated they “appear to be more angry and concerned and feel that Bayer is hiding information.”

Bayer said the Baycol Recall was decided after it received reports that the drug caused deterioration in muscle tissue, a condition called rhabdomyolysis, which is known to cause severe pain and potential kidney failure.

A CNN Europe article from August the 13th, 2001. LONDON (CNN) -- Germany's Bayer said on Monday 52 people are thought to have died after taking the anti-cholesterol product Baycol, its fastest-growing drug.

LONDON (CNN) - Europe's No. 2 drugs and chemicals company Bayer issued a profits warning on Wednesday, citing the slowdown in the world economy.


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"Baycol class action status granted in Pennsylvania"
March 2004

Bayer's Baycol cholesterol drug was recalled in August 2001 and is now linked to over 100 deaths. The company has so far paid $842 million to settle 2,224 cases but still faces 9,948 more Baycol cases. Now the company is facing a class action in Pennsylvania that would force Bayer to pay for monitoring the effects of former Baycol patients. While the certification ruling is just the first step in a possible Baycol class action trial, Bayer appears to be facing many more battles over its recalled drug in the future.

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